7 Reasons Why Military Schools are Better

There are reasons why more and more parents are considering military schools as an option for their child’s education. Private, military-focused boarding schools have become especially popular, and not just for the disciplinary benefits. Most military academies these days have a high educational standard as well. They offer strong academic and extracurricular programs overseen and implemented by highly qualified teachers and instructors. Still, there are even more benefits for children attending military schools.

Military Schools Develop Discipline

Instilling discipline in young men and women lies at the heart of a military school program. Discipline leads to order, and order paves the road to success. Most successful people will tell you that discipline forms the foundation of their success.

Military Schools Develop Character

Military schools don’t just turn out robots. In fact the opposite is true. As important as discipline is to their program, building character is also an essential element. Students learn leadership skills and the benefit of following direction. Ego is put aside for the benefit of the group, and the value of being a loyal team player instilled. The well balanced approach to social interaction helps those at military schools to develop a well-rounded and strong character. Loyalty, honesty, integrity, and trust are common characteristics of military school graduates.

Military Schools Produce Leaders

The combination of instilling discipline and building character produces great leaders. Military academy graduates have gone on to become great social and political leaders. Athletes, artists, musicians, scientists, solicitors, and of course, United States Presidents. This is not by fluke, their leadership programs are well thought out, expertly implemented, and most importantly, effective.

Students Receive Personal Attention

One of the main reasons that the military type programs are so effective is because “no student is left behind.” The low student to teacher ratios, on average 10:1, ensures that each student gets the personal attention they need. Enrolment in a typical military school is usually only a few hundred students.

Military Schools are Selective

Getting into military school is harder than you might think. Their academic requirements match those of private schools around the country. They intentionally look for students are dedicated to making the most of themselves and realizing their full potential.

They Offer Demanding Academic and Physical Training

Both the academic and extracurricular programs of military schools are of the highest standard. Most offer college preparatory courses, and combine that with a program of rigorous physical training. Most have interscholastic sports teams along with a wealth of individual sports, and the traditional activities such as drama and debate club are usually on offer.

They Offer JROTC and a Path to Service Academies

The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is a Federal program sponsored by the United States Arm at high schools acrossAmerica. It provides an introduction to a military lifestyle and philosophy and is generally taught by retired officers of the armed forces. Though participation in the JROTC doesn’t guarantee entrance to a national service academy such as West Point, it does enhance their chances, and over half of all JROTC graduates go on to military careers.

Military schools are an option that offers the chance for young students to become prepared for the realities of life. It fully equips them to be able to overcome adversity and to help others do the same. Graduates leave military academies as well educated, patriotic, and compassionate members of society. There are definitely worse choices for a child’s education than military schools.