The Benefits of Full Boarding Military Schools

When considering military schools as an option for your child’s education, it is recommended to take the time to review as much information as you can. The decision is a big one, and both parents and the child should be involved. Military school offers a unique experience, academically and socially, especially if the child will be boarding there. Some families may find it hard to meet the financial obligations, especially with college around the corner. Many however realize that the benefits far outweigh the costs and other concerns about full board military schools.

The Value of a Military Boarding School Education

Sending your child to a military boarding school just about guarantees they will receive a sound education and a fantastic social experience. The onus is upon the student to make the most of what is offered, but there is much to take advantage of in military schools. Some of what they have to offer is:

  • A low student to teacher ratio. This enables teachers to give personal attention to their students. Many military schools have student to teacher ratios of as little as 7:1, and classes with as few as 10 students.
  • A wide variety of subjects at advanced and advanced placement levels. Many interesting and educational courses such as International Relations and Global Ethics are available, providing children with one of the most well-rounded educations available in today’s world.
  • Highly qualified faculties. Many have faculties with more than 90% of the teachers holding advanced degrees.
  • High quality resources. The resources at most military school such as the athletic complexes and libraries are of the highest quality, largely due to the private financing they receive.
  • Students learn independence. Students learn to become self-reliant at a very early age, and to respect the liberties that living independently provides them.
  • Students live independently at a young age. This allows them to mature and make their own decisions within a safe community.

Military schools offer students a well-structured environment in which to develop and learn. Many top universities recognize the quality education that military school students receive, and actively recruit them. Some military schools have acceptance rates of one hundred percent.

Financial Feasibility of Military Schools

If you and your child decide that military boarding school is the best choice, don’t allow lack of financing to discourage you. Full time boarding school can be expensive, but many military schools have funding options designed to make them affordable. At some schools 70% of the students are receiving financial aid. Many military academies offer merit-based scholarships and special needs based grants. They may cover the full cost, and they don’t have to be repaid. If you’ve exhausted all of your options and still need help, a student loan may help. You will be responsible for paying them back, so make sure you are able tom make a long term commitment to repaying it before signing on the dotted line.

Full boarding military schools can make a great difference in a child’s life and future. They can improve personal and social skills and provide an education in ways traditional schools can not. If you are convinced that boarding school would be good for your son or daughter, do everything in your power to make sure your child has that opportunity.

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