The Many Advantages of Military Schools

There are so many advantages to military school academies. These academies are all inclusive facilities for student success. The education one receives at an academy will be far superior to any public institution. Many parents appreciate that their children come home with an increased level of self confidence and independence. Physical fitness and personal health is an important part of any military academy program. Finally, an environment where leadership and values are encouraged sets these types of schools apart from the rest.

Top Tier Education

Children attending military schools can expect to receive a much better education that those attending public schools. Since military schools are private, they do not rely on insufficient public funding. Military schools typically have a much higher teacher to student ratio. Students often get more time with their teachers and a more focused lesson plan. Many military schools are equipped with technologically advanced facilities as well.

Military Schools are All Inclusive

Although tuition may be more costly than at a traditional private school, military schools are all inclusive. Room and board are typically included at this type of academy. Students will be issued uniforms as well. There is no need to budget for extra clothes at the beginning of the school year. Well balanced meals are served three times a day. Most busy families are hard-pressed to provide even two home cooked, well balanced meals per day, during the school year. Students that are struggling in classes will get extra tutoring. Students attending military schools have everything they need to be successful included in their tuition.


Students attending military schools can expect to become incredibly disciplined. Students thrive in the highly structured environment. They become very proficient at managing their free time as well. Many students that graduate from traditional schools do not have the type of discipline required to excel at the college level. After graduating from a military academy, students are well equipped to handle tougher classes at a college level.

Military School Academies Promote Independence

Although military schools can be difficult for some students, many become very successful. The environment may seem high pressure at first, but when students really begin to apply themselves their confidence grows. Parents will see such a positive change in their child’s self esteem. Students love completing difficult tasks successfully. Students that work hard and do well in military schools take that confidence with them where ever they go.

Physical Fitness is a Top Priority at Military Schools

Students will be participating in a rigorous physical fitness program in addition to studies. Physical fitness is a core part of all military academies. Students will not be playing video games in their free time. Students can even play intramural sports or join school teams in addition to the regular fitness schedule. The fitness achieved at school can be carried over during summer months at home.


Students are encouraged to take up leadership positions within their classes. The rank structure cultivated in military schools rewards those students that work hard. Outside of cushy student government positions, leadership is often lacking in traditional schools. Students will begin to learn that with more leadership comes more responsibility.

Military Schools Inspire Values

Duty, honor and integrity are just a few of the values that are taught at a military school. These types of values are instilled in students from the first day. Military school academies of have very well rounded classes to include character lessons for developing their students. Students at military academies are taught to treat others with respect. Students become incredibly respectful of teachers and other adults. Most military schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Students also become very good at working with others.

Military schools are a fantastic choice for a lot of reasons. The high level of education alone is an advantage over other more traditional types of schools. These schools handle all of the details, from uniforms and board to meals and tutors. Students will be in top physical shape while attending this type of school. Children become incredibly well disciplined as well. The skills and values learned at military academies will help students to succeed when they reach the college level and beyond.

  • Harold Compton

    After working at a military school for the last 15 years I fully appreciate what you say but will add that the students willingness to accept attending such a school plays a major part in their success. Military schools are not for everyone and a parents need to take think carefully whether their child will fit in before deciding to send them to a military school.