5 Benefits of the ROTC Programs Offered in Military Schools

The ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) programs offered by military schools are often looked at as just an option for advanced military training, but there is much more such programs have to offer. Yes, cadets will learn to lead troops and receive a commission as Second Lieutenant upon joining the army, and ROTC offers a variety of scholarships that can help offset the cost of their education. But often overlooked are the many personal benefits the ROTC program offers to participating students of military schools.

Public Speaking Skills

The marching drills of the ROTC programs actually prepare students for public speaking. Every student must take a turn at leading the marching drills, and as leader they gain experience in speaking in front of a group of their peers. All students are graded on how well they command the troop, so there is pressure on them to perform well. Speaking to their group under this added pressure teaches them poise and confidence, and helps them to easily assimilate these skills into public speaking engagements.

Global Ethics

Sophomores in the ROTC program of certain military schools take a Global and cultural studies program which teaches them about international issues and the role of theUnited Stateson the global stage. These courses cover environmental concerns, politics, terrorism, religion, human rights and much more. Learning about such things, students become well versed in international issues and concerns and develop a broad and well rounded view of the world.

Survival Skills

Though it’s unlikely that many of us will get lost in the woods or mountains while hiking, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Most ROTC courses teach a variety of survival skills that cover everything from getting stranded in a blizzard to surviving if they get lost when hiking or hunting. Some students have gone on to utilize these skills while working for various search and rescue organizations.

Financial Responsibility 

Some military schools teach students to balance their check books as part of the junior year of their ROTC program. Often the students are given practical exercises, and are given an imaginary household to operate on a fixed budget. This not only prepares them for life on their own, but helps them develop the financial skills they will need to care for their families in the future.

Planning for Their Future

The ROTC students in military schools are encouraged to take an objective look at their futures. They are taught to analyze their interests and consider career choices that will satisfy them. Choosing a career is an issue that overwhelms many students, but the ROTC program shows them that it doesn’t have to be daunting, rather that it can be enjoyable and lead to a satisfying career.

Though many students of military schools enter the ROTC program specifically to receive officer training, every student can benefit from the ROTC. It not only teaches the necessary military skills that future officers will need, it teaches them the life skills they will need to become responsible citizens.