University of Arizona NROTC

Address: 1042 E. South Campus Dr., Room #109 Tucson, AZ 85721, Arizona, United States

The University of Arizona is home to a highly respected Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp. They boast a large battalion of over 100 students. Students are expected to excel academically and physically.

The University of Arizona’s NROTC produces dynamic leaders capable of successfully navigating the intricacies of the military lifestyle. There are multiple scholarship options for students wishing to participate in the NROTC program.

The University has specialty programs for different fields within the Navy. Naval specialties include aviator, submarine officer, surface warfare officer and special warfare officer. The University of Arizona is also home to the Naval Nurse Corps.

In addition to specialties, the University of Arizona also has NROTC affiliated clubs. There are clubs for aspiring Naval aviators and even future submariners.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
Montana State University ROTC College 14,000 2,000
Eastern Washington University College 12,000 830
University of Maine ROTC College 12,000 700
U.S. Air Force ROTC College 500 100
Catalina High Magnet School AFJROT 9-12 1300 82