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Military Academies of Colorado

Colorado Military Academies

The state of Colorado is home to several military academies. Colorado Academy was founded in the fall of 1906 and was then known as the Hill School for Boys. The school moved from a strict military academy to a college preparatory boarding school for boys that is now known as the co-ed Colorado Academy. Located in Denver, Colorado this school offers students fine academic subjects, performing arts and a variety of athletics. Soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and ultimate Frisbee are just some of the sports available at this academy.

The U.S Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This Air Force Academy Preparatory School is also located in Colorado Springs and is designed to prepare students for entrance into the academy. Attending the Air Force Academy Preparatory School increases the likelihood of entrance into the U.S Air Force Academy. Cadets in preparatory school will study challenging academic subjects and have a chance to engage in athletic activities, as well. Track and field, golf, boxing and basketball are just some of the sports offered at this military academy. After completion of preparatory school, students may apply to the U.S Air Force Academy for training as Air Force officers. Each cadet will graduate with a bachelor of science degree and a commission of second lieutenant in the Air Force.

United States Air Force Academy

  • Grades
  • Students
    4,417 (approximate)
  • Faculty
    600 (approximate)

The United States Air Force Academy was first established in 1954. The USAFA offers 31 academic majors and has small classes to provide cadets with specialized training and education, with an average class size of only 19. The total cost per graduate from the USAFA is $432,286, and the cost of education for each USAFA student is $48,181 per year. […]