University of Delaware Army ROTC

Address: 314 Wyoming Road Newark, DE 19716, Delaware, United States

The University of Delaware has an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. There are two and four year scholarship programs available. Students in the ROTC get training in addition to regular college classes. Leadership, accountability and professionalism are three main components of the ROTC program at The University of Delaware.

Classes include leader development, applied leadership and military history among others. The leadership classes culminate in an evaluation which is a six-week long field training course. Students must have prerequisites completed to attend the leader evaluation course. There is even a specialized course of study for cadets that are studying nursing.

ROTC cadets at the University of Delaware can expect to receive a top notch education in addition to the leadership skills they will need for successful Army

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
Valley Forge Military Academy 7-12 600 60
University of Central Oklahoma Army ROTC College 16,000 900
Benton High School ROTC 9-12 700 50
University of South Dakota Army ROTC College 10,000 400
University of Utah AROTC College 30,000 2,500