Chamberlain-Hunt Academy

Address: 124 McComb Ave., Port Gibson, Mississippi, United States

School Motto

Knowledge and Wisdom in Submission to God

Brief Overview

Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is a Presbyterian all boy private military boarding school in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Grades 7-12 are offered to boys 13 to 18 years in age with a focus on exceptionally rigorous military discipline.

Founded in 1879, the school’s current motto is, “Knowledge and Wisdom in Submission to God.” But in the past it has also been, “We Love Boys; We Build Men.”

In the 1970s a small number of girls were accepted, but the boarding program is for boys only. Girls were admitted as boarders, but that experiment was abandoned in 2002.

Some of the Academy’s resources include a wilderness camp with a rifle range, paintball, and a 5 acre lake.

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