US Merchant Marine Academy

Address: 300 Steamboat Road, Kings Point, New York, United States

Being one of the most elite colleges in the nation, the United States Merchant Marine Academy acts as one of the premier sites for officer training in the country. Based on a history of proud naval achievements and international trade, the need for a training program of maritime officers in the United States arose naturally. Coming into existence truly in 1938, the Merchants Marines Act became law and the program was forced to operate in temporary facilities till a permanent academy was built. After four ever escalating years, the Merchant Marines program relocated to their now permanent academy at Kings Point, New York.

The Academy’s support of the national war effort dates all the way back to World War II. Quite possibly the greatest product of the school, thousands of merchant marines exited the school in eighteen short months throughout World War II to aid the Ally war effort. From every war there on, the Merchant Marines have proudly served the Stars and Stripes; fulfilling such key services as transportation of war supplies and training of officers to serve on nuclear-powered merchant ships. For this heroic service, the academy has been granted the right to carry a regiment standard at all times.

Joining the college can be incredibly difficult and highly selective. Like any United States Military Academy, strict standards are set on who can join; almost all students are part of the top of their high school class and all revived a letter of recommendation from U.S. Representative or Senator. However, definite benefits come along with joining the Academy. Both tuition and housing are completely free and all students graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. Classes tend to be smaller than a typical college, less than 1000 undergraduates attend, and all studies are career oriented.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
Forest Hill Military Academy 9-12 1,500 100
Wofford College ROTC College 1,500 150
Princeton University AROTC College 7,500 2,000
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology College 2,000 160
West Hill High School JROTC 9-12 2,281 154