Camden Military Academy

Address: 520 Hwy. 1 North, Camden, South Carolina, United States

Camden Military Academy is an all boy private military boarding school in Camden, SC. The Academy accepts students from grades 7 through post-graduate studies.

The school was originally founded as Camden Academy in 1950 and became Camden Military Academy in 1958. Later, in 1974, the school was reorganized as a non-profit, tax-exempt institution.

The school is organized as a Corps of Cadets with five companies. Cadets live in barracks within their company area under the supervision of a tactical officer.

As part of the military program at Camden, all cadets participate in the JROTC program and leadership development classes.

About 300 students are enrolled at Camden Military Academy and tuition is $17,595 a year.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
Illinois State University ROTC College 20,000 3,000
California Military Institute 5-12 600 50
South Dakota State University AROTC College 12,000 700
Naval War College College N/A N/A
St. Thomas Academy 7-12 695 60