Forestville Military Academy

Address: 7001 Beltz Dr, Forestville, Maryland, United States

Forestville Military Academy, also known as FMA, is a miltiary high school in Maryland.

Grades 9 through 12 are offered at FMA and the school mascot is the Might Knights. The current principal is Nathaniel Laney.

It was only 2002 when the first military academy class was admitted to Forestville which makes it one of the newer military campuses in the United States.

The school’s JROTC program is mandatory for all students. Students begin with the rank of cadet and increases in rank are through minimum GPAs.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
University of Portland AROTC College 3,500 300
United States Military Academy UGRD 4490 600
Boston University ROTC College 30,000 2,000
Marmion Academy 9-12 800 80
Maine Maritime Academy UGRD 800 N/A