Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Address: 1701 E. Front St., Traverse City, Michigan, United States

The Great Lakes Maritime Academy is situated on Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay. It is the only fresh water maritime college in the nation. Founded in 1969, the Academy trains men and women to become licensed mariners on a variety of ships regardless of horsepower or tonnage. Graduates have the opportunity to obtain a license not only on the open ocean, but also on the Great Lakes. In addition to classroom academics, the cadets receive nautical training on the 244-foot T/S State of Michigan, the Academy’s three smaller vessels and aboard commercial vessels during their sea projects. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration while they complete course work to become a maritime deck or engineering officer. Students who already possess a bachelor’s degree can be admitted under a three-year accelerated maritime training program. The Academy offers numerous continuing education and recertification programs as well.

Tuition costs are approximately $23,000 per year. There is a slight discount for in-state residents. Fees vary according to training requirements. Cadet housing is situated on the university grounds of Northwestern Michigan College. The academy is a public college with no military regimentation for the 150 member student body.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
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Camden Military Academy 7-12, PG 300 40
Massachusetts Maritime Academy UGRD 1,100 N/A
Wofford College ROTC College 1,500 150