John Carroll University ROTC

Address: 1 John Carroll Boulevard, University Heights, OH 44118, Ohio, United States

John Carroll University’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit is ranked number one in the state of Ohio. The Wolf Pack Battalion is highly respected for their ability to produce outstanding leaders. Loyalty, duty and respect are important values to cadets in the ROTC program. Cadets are encouraged to take up leadership positions with increased levels of responsibility. Many students enjoy training outside of the classroom.

Scholarships are available for many students wishing to pursue a career as a U.S. Army officer. Land navigation, first aid and battle drills are just a few of the field training courses available. Cadets are encouraged to become better citizens through personal courage and community service. Preparing for a career in military leadership takes honor and integrity.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
Louisiana State University Army ROTC College 30,000 5,000
Bethel Boys Academy High School N/A N/A
University of Central Oklahoma Army ROTC College 16,000 900
Arkansas State University ROTC College N/A 100
Princeton University AROTC College 7,500 2,000