The Citadel ROTC

Address: 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC 29409, South Carolina, United States

The Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina has a rich history of preparing young cadets for military leadership positions. Being fully indoctrinated into the military lifestyle is part of being a cadet at The Citadel. Cadets are expected to meet the highest academic, physical and military standards. Honor, duty and respect are the three core values that govern cadet life.

Tradition and history are incredibly important parts of attending The Citadel. All cadets have an in depth understanding of drill and ceremonies. Students are so familiar with the military structure that transitioning into military service is easy. In addition to military customs and traditions, students may spend their leisure time participating in competitive sports. The Citadel produces leaders that are leagues above their peers in academic, athletic and military achievements.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
Seton Hall University AROTC College 6,000 900
West Virginia University ROTC College 30,000 5,000
US Merchant Marine Academy UGRD 910 250
Universtiy of Northern Iowa AROTC College 12,000 800
University of Hawaii Manoa ROTC College 6,000 600