Benedictine Military School

Address: 6502 Seawright Drive, Savannah Georgia 31406, Georgia US, United States

Benedictine Military School, in conjunction with a top notch Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program, encourages students to always do their best. Benedictine Military School is a college preparatory, catholic school for boys.

Cadets enjoy the camaraderie of the military atmosphere. They strive to achieve excellence in various types of study. Fine arts and theater are also included in the curriculum. Benedictine has a wide range of athletic sports available to students. Responsibility is cultivated through discipline and military structure. Benedictine focuses on producing versatile and well-rounded graduates. Many students graduate to attend top colleges in the nation, including military service academies. Benedictine Military School is a good choice for students who want to get the most out of a military school.

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