Kenosha Military Academy

Address: 6800 60th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States

The Kenosha Military Academy is an excellent school which can prepare individuals who have chosen a career in the military or in law enforcement for a government agency. Kenosha Military Academy promotes leadership and discipline, and instills values that serve as the foundation for a strong person.

Kenosha Military Academy has worked to create a professional environment that cultivates personal growth. Students are provided with special uniforms free of charge that help them become acclimated to a prosperous career in the armed forces. Students enrolled in the Kenosha Military Academy undergo four years of Leadership Education and Training (LET) classes. The United States Army has worked to establish the subject matter of these classes to ensure the success of the students.

The training given in the Kenosha Military Academy provides the graduates of the program with a worthy distinction that can give them a valuable head start when it comes to starting a career with the military. Graduates of the Kenosha Military Academy have an advantage in the applications process for collegiate ROTC programs.

The Kenosha Military Academy is a competitive school that gives its students a solid foundation for a career in the military or government.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
University of South Carolina AROTC College 45,000 1,600
Chamberlain-Hunt Academy 7-12 100 22
Seaford High School NJROTC 9-12 800 60
Massanutten Military Academy 7-12, PG 180 30
Forest Hill Military Academy 9-12 1,500 100