University of Iowa AFROTC

Address: 100 Pomerantz Ctr, Iowa City, IA 52242, Iowa, United States

The University of Iowa’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program prepares cadets for exciting future careers. Cadets at the University of Iowa concentrate on balancing the demands of a military structured schedule. Cadets are expected to do well in their traditional academic classes. In addition to academics, students must also participate in physical fitness and leadership laboratories.

Preparing for a career in the U.S. Air Force requires field training as well. Students get multiple options for training outside of the classroom during the school year. There are also training camps available during the summer. The unit also organizes fun events for cadets to spend time with one another in a relaxing setting. Cadets at the University of Iowa feel ready to become leaders upon graduation and commission.

Other Military Schools Grades Students Faculty
University of Mississippi College 20,000 6,000
New Hampshire Amry National Guard N/A N/A N/A
Marine Academy of Science & Tech 9-12 275 25
Middle Tennessee State University ROTC College 24,000 900
Weber State University AROTC College 25,000 850