Fork Union Military Academy

Address: 4744 James Madison Highway, Fork Union, Virginia, United States

Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) is a private military boarding school in Fork Union, Virginia. The school is known more by its acronym than its full name.

The Academy offers grades 6 through 12 and is affiliates with the Baptist General Association of Virginia. A post-graduate program is also offered.

The PG program allows high school graduates, especially athletes, to improve their SAT scores and athletic abilities as preparation for college. PG students are often seeking to qualify for Division 1 scholarships. FUMA is well represented in college athletics and the NFL.

FUMA was founded in 1898 and today sites on a 1,300 acre campus in Virginia. It has been considered the leading military prep school in the South. Cadets wear uniforms, are organized like military personnel, have accountability for their room’s cleanliness, have ranks, and there is a chain of command.

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