Hargrave Military Academy

Address: 200 Military Drive, Chatham, Virginia, United States

Hargrave Military Academy is a private military boarding school in Chatham, Virginia. It is also know by its acronym: HMA. The Academy is affiliated with the Baptist General Association of Virginia and emphasizes Christian values during its college and military prep programs.

HMA offers grades 7 through 12 with a post-graduate program typical of college and military prep schools whereby high school graduates can improve their test scores and athletics before going on to usually competitive college.

Hargrave Military Academy is more than a hundred years old having been founded in 1909 as the Chatham Training School. The mascot for Hargrave is a tiger and therefore the school colors are orange and black.

The cadets are organized into a Corps of Cadets that consists of a battalion divide into eight companies: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Golf, Band, and Headquarters.

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